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Sustainability attracts the new “Eco Traveler.”  The hotel owner needs to understand what drives customers to luxury sustainable boutique hotels and the secrets of how to capitalize in this increasing traffic flow. Through our hands on experience at luxury boutique hotels throughout the world, we have discovered the techniques; we can identify problem areas and enhance financial outcomes.



We offer…


Certifications that will boost annual occupancy and sales. Having certifications such as Rain Forest Alliance and LEED will show the world you are on the cutting edge. We will guide you though the process.

Purchasing and procedure support for existing and emerging Environmental Technologies.

New marketing techniques that will target a wider audience of luxury vacationers. The new traveler is connected to social media.  We design and implement programs to give your hotel a “buzz” and keep it out in front.  This includes website enhancements, blogs and connectivity to social sites and Eco travel sites.  This can boost sales exponentially…but you must deliver to get the valuable reviews.

Sustainable infrastructure that will save money and increase your Eco stature. Items such as bio pools, solar, recycling systems, permaculture can be considered.  We have a team of experts to draw on for each item to provide cost benefit analysis and expert installation.

Employee Training Modules. It’s important that every employee understands the customer and the concept.  Simple, effective instruction is critical.  

Community programming to integrate the hotel into the community. The cornerstone of sustainability is to exchange goods and services with the community so the hotel weaves in to the culture rather than isolates itself.  Eco travelers expect welcomed interaction and programs with the locals.  We create them.

-ROI Analysis

Eco assets for guests create the “sense of place” ambiance expected at a luxury Eco resort.  We are experts at creating the feel.  It may be local pottery at the dining tables or a natural setting spa.  At the end of the day, the guest wants the luxury with an Eco feel.


That will result in…

Increased bookings through marketing strategies using sustainable enhancements.

Substantially increase repeat business by providing specific enhancements to the luxury guest experience.

-Optimal revenues by improving profitability

A luxury hotel that will stand out among the rest



If you are interested in a proposal, we provide a free initial consultation which looks at your website and other information you might provide to provide our general observations as to how your hotel can be enhanced and sustainable benefits achieved.  If there is further interest, we provide a proposal outlining our services and fees.




Inquire with us about our services and fees.

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